Release Notes

Latest updates of platform

Release 3.4.3

  • Layouts of invoice and booking details have been redesigned
  • Lessor can print notes on invoices
  • Lessor can change the status of a selected group of transactions at once
  • The lessor can edit existing transactions very extensively
    • He can exchange the main object, with or without offer recalculation
    • He can add or remove offers
    • He can exchange the lessee
  • The navigation structure for the lessor got simplified
  • Objects and Transactions got named consistently
  • Management of fulfillment workflows got simplified

Release 3.4.2

  • Lessor gets enhanced editing functionalities in existing transactions
    • Extend or shorten transactions
    • Add or remove accessories
  • Lessee can apply online for membership in closed user group
  • Simplified lessee search for lessors
  • Halfdaybookings with daily prolongations
  • Transactionreport can be filtered by location

Release 3.4.1

  • New "password forgotten" process
  • Alphabetical sorting of object-, customer- and coworker-lists
  • De-Duplication of customer data
  • Enhanced logging of transaction data
  • Various small improvements and bug fixes

Release 3.3

  • Improved 'password forgotten' process
  • Definable correspondence language
  • Simplified transaction mask for lessor
  • Simplified unlocking of blocked users
  • Incomplete bookings can't be saved anymore
  • Fixed various login problems
  • Improved picture upload
  • Various small improvements and bug fixes

Release 3.2 - Compact version

  • Compact booking wizard for closed user groups, optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • Proximity search for alternative offers
  • Volume discounts
  • Customer groups specific discounts
  • Warning mail for late return
  • Sorting of object properties