First steps

Get familiar quickly with 3.4 

Manual for lessee

Sign up

  1. On a site click on SIGNUP:
    Note: Your can be used for all lessors.

  2. Fill out all mandatory fields and click on SAVE:


Login & logout


After signing up log in with username and password.

After logging in a button with your username will appear and give you access to your profile and bookings.



After clicking on the "LOGOUT" button, the "SIGNUP" button will reappear and you will be logged out.

Password forgotten

in just a few clicks reset your Password

1. Start the "Forgot password process"

2. In the administration portal enter your username and 

3. send

You will receive an E-mail with a temporary password.

4. Copy the received password. Make sure to only copy the password and not the spacing and line breaks.


5. Return to the homepage of administration tools in the browser

6. Sign up with your username and the new password

7. Open your personal Data and 

8. the window to reset your new password

9. Enter the received password and twice your new personal password (at least 7 characters).

10. Log out from the administration tools

11. Return to the booking site and sign in with your username and the new defined password

My Profile

Manage personal data

1. After logging in you can access your profile via the personal menu. 

2. Edit and save desired data and continue 3. via menus or 4. business icon

Make booking

Start new booking request

  1. A new booking can be started anytime by clicking on the logo of the lessor.
  2. In a few steps important booking criteria can be entered. The booking assistant automatically adapts to the offers of the lessor and asks only the essential points. 

3. If the lessor offers the wanted object at different locations, the location can be selected.

4. Starting date can be selected.

5. Select desired term of lease. 

6. If possible, select starting time.

Search results: Filter and select

7. When search result is clear directly select the object


7A: If too many objects fulfill search criteria, search can be adapted.


7B: Adapt search and filter:


Adapt booking data

8. In the booking view of the selected object the booking times can be adjusted within the available times if necessary and changes can be directly tracked in the booking calendar. 

If available, additional services, accessories and other options can be selected and added to the booking. 

9. By clicking on the offer details, offers from the lessor can be checked. 



10. On the checkout page, returning customers can sign in (mandatory for lessors with closed user groups) or new customers can enter their data.

11. If the lessors offers a possibility to reserve objects, you can choose between a temporary reservation or a binding booking.

12. If lessors offers different payment possibilities, favoured payment option can be chosen. 

13. After accepting the Terms and Conditions the booking can be completed (14)


After successful booking, the booking detail are shown. Lessees with login can view these data anytime under "My bookings" in their user account.

My bookings

Open my bookings

1. In personal menu click "My bookings"


2. For details of a booking click on "Details" in booking overview


Cancel Booking

Bookings can be canceled by the lessee up until takeover date. In case of cancellation, the fees determined by lessors will be charged. 

To cancel a booking click "Cancel" (3).


Optional: Report status of booking

In case of unmanned handover, e.g. for agricultural machines, takeover (4), return (5) and collection of usage data (7) can be reported independently by the lessee. The following steps depend on the settings of the lessor.

Optional: collection of usage data

In case of unmanned handover and usage-dependent allocation (per area, trip, km, usage hours etc.) usage data can be directly entered by lessee (6) and the entry can be reported back. 


Usage data can be then reported back to the lessor (7).